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This day: 5 July 2015, Sunday
.:. Oil Workers’ Rights Protection Organization .:.
Why, when and by whom was our organization established? Explain the fundamental stages and major changes the Organization underwent. What is your major action for last 3 years?
Formation of new economic relations based on private property, realization of big oil projects in Azerbaijan was accompanied by violation of human rights in oil sector of Azerbaijan. Existing trade unions were passive in protection of human rights of employees.
The public has no information of contracts signed with big oil companies. It was too difficult to be familiarized with these documents and majority of these contracts were signed under very hard economic conditions for Azerbaijan daha geniş...

Human Rights Protection


Monitoring of international credits


 Transparency of oil income
Azerbaijan: Transparency Group Should Suspend Membership Stifling Pressure on Activists Violates Commitments
(New York, August 15, 2014) – The Azerbaijan government’s offensive against human rights defenders and nongovernmental organizations should lead to its suspension from an international transparency initiative, Human Rights Watch said today. Azerbaijan is a founding member of the Extractive Industries Transparency Initiative (EITI), a prominent international coalition that promotes government openness in natural resource management, and sits on its governing board.


The fight against corruption
Monitoring methodology to assess the application status of Open Government Initiative at local level
International initiative on promotion of open government considers advisable the implementation of activities in 4 directions: ensure to disclosure of (i) fiscal transparency; (ii) accessibility ofinformation; (iii) public participation; (iv)income and propertydeclaration



The Regional Conference on Open Government Partnership started its activities in Bali
The Open Government Partnership (OGP) Asia Pacific Regional Conference  on  “Unlocking Innovative Openness: Impetus to Greater Citizen Engagement” was held  in Bali city of  Indonesia on May 6-7. The representatives from more than 200 states from 43 countries of the world, private sector and civil society have taken part in the conference. Azerbaijan was represented in this event by the chair of the Organization for Protection of the Rights of Oil workers Mirvari Gahramanli and the member of the Management Board of the Economic Research Center Gubad Ibadoglu.
Press Release. 3 March 2014
Is transparency ensured in the use of funds allocated by the EU?
PRESS RELEASE - 05.02.2014
OWRPO in 2013 conducted an analytical study on the project road reconstruction Mingechevir Bahramtapa-length of 156 km, implemented by multi tranche credit of EBRD. The project is implemented by the first tranche of $ 250 million.


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International NGO forum on Asian Development Bank

British Embassy in Azerbaijan    Finland Embassy


Address: Baku,Azerbaijan, AZ1060,  15, Kamil Balakishiyev Str., Apt 6
Tel/Faks: (994 12)  520 34 59
E-mail: mirvari.gahramanli@gmail.com


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